Dartford Council Teams With Stone Parish to Tackle Fly-tippers.

Dartford Borough Council is to join forces with a local parish council to tackle the misery of criminal flytippers who illegally dump rubbish around the village of Stone.

In recent years a number of locations within the parish have become regular hotspots for illegal dumping and the two councils have agreed to work together to deter perpetrators and bring more of them to justice when environmental crimes occur.

Stone Parish Council members have voted to deploy mobile CCTV cameras at strategic points and the Borough Council will provide a range of legal and enforcement services to support the initiative.

Dartford Council Leader Jeremy Kite said “We enjoy an excellent relationship with Stone Parish Council and we’ve done a great deal of successful work to tackle fly-tipping and anti-social-behaviour in recent years. We find ourselves clearing up too much illegal tipping around the village and the Parish Council shares our determination to enforce and prosecute those responsible.

The Parish’s decision to deploy its own CCTV is an important step forward but it creates some work in the background that we are well placed to do and we are delighted to be collaborating with them. Frankly, the people who drive into our villages with the intention of dumping rubbish in lanes, lay-bys and verges are beneath contempt and our intention is to publicise and prosecute them.”

Parish Council chairman and Stone Borough Councillor, John Burrell said: “The council has tried a number of different strategies to stop fly tipping in the Parish and It continues to support Dartford Borough Council with the removal of fly tips but with incidents still occurring it was felt that the placement of CCTV would assist in eradicating the problem.

We will have the ability to deploy our new equipment around the village to tackle the hotspots and our collaboration with colleagues at Dartford will help us with the legal and enforcement support we need to secure prosecutions. It’s an excellent example of Councils working together in partnership.”working together in partnership.”