On the 73rd anniversary of the NHS, Dartford Borough Council would like to formally thank all of the staff and key workers for their continued heroic effort, particularly over the last 18 months.

Last Wednesday visitors to Central Park will have noticed the new carpet flower bed at the park’s entrance had become a celebration of health workers’ heroic effort during the coronavirus pandemic.

Since then passers-by have been seen taking pictures of the mural, which the Council hopes shows our enormous gratitude to everyone in the community for helping each other through these unprecedented times.

Dartford Council Leader Jeremy Kite said: “There’s not much I can say about the last 18 months that you don’t already know and while we may not be entirely out of the woods yet, it’s clear that a herculean effort by so many local heroes has saved lives and comforted those stricken with Covid-19.

“I always ask that Dartford’s carpet bed reflects something about our great local community, and this year one thing seems to sum up the way the town feels. Gratitude.

“We’re thankful for all those who work in the NHS and caring professions, for those who developed and delivered Britain’s world-beating vaccination programme, for every key worker and everyone in our town who, through their strength and professionalism, made all of us stronger.

“Dartford remembers those we’ve lost and those who have found their lives and livelihoods disrupted. Saying it with flowers’ is a small gesture, but we dedicate it to all our local heroes.

“Thank you.”