Organised by Dartford restaurant owner, Jemal Akkus and local Councillor David Mote, over sixty friends and family enjoyed a three-course Turkish meal and belly dancing at Efes for a special Jeans for Genes event, which raised £1,046 for Genetic Disorders UK.

It is estimated that one in 25 children is affected by a genetic issue and 30,000 babies and children are diagnosed in the UK each year. Both Jemal and David’s family include children with genetic disorders.

Jemal’s 17 month old daughter, Eilyah was diagnosed with a rare micro deletion of the Chromosome 15 that is so rare that there are no other people in the world with the exact same microdeletion.

David’s son, Mason, was diagnosed with a genetic condition known as Noonan Syndrome Disorder but has gone from strength to strength, sailed through his school career at Dartford Grammar and is off to university.

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Having organised the event with David’s family, Jemal explained: “Many families are living with the sometimes very challenging health and mobility issues that are the result of genetic disorders. We are all eternally grateful to all the geneticists and specialists involved in the vital research that has helped us and is supporting everyone who lives with a genetic condition. The Jeans for Genes week helps provide the necessary funds needed to support this vital research and support. We are so grateful to everyone who contributed to the raffle prizes and joined our fund-raising feeding frenzy.”