Kevin Stringer has just competed in the 1st ever televised disabled darts competition in Holland where he made it to the semi-final in a field of the top 16 players in the world.

Kevin was born on 3rd June 1974 and is a disabled professional darts player from Dartford, currently playing in the Professional BDDA (British Disabled Darts Association), and is the number one ranked wheelchair darts player in the UK having won 2 events this year in Birmingham and Stafford.

He is ranked joint 5th in the BDDA world. Kevin has competed in various championships across Europe including Belgium, Holland and events in the UK. He has won various championships and events. Kevin will also qualify for the master’s championship in Bridlington in September and he is looking for sponsorship. Kevin can promote your company or organisation by promoting you on his shirt and various social media. Kevin has a large following through contacts and other organisations including the BDDA. Kevin also carries out many events for charity. Kevin is looking for companies to sponsor him while he competes in various competitions in the UK and across Europe including various televised events. Please feel free to contact Kevin via email or by phone. Email Kevin stringer or by phone: 07531001709.