YMCA Thames Gateway, a local youth charity which has worked in the area for over 130 years, is hosting a sleep out fundraiser on Friday 16 March 2018.  The event, which starts at 7pm, will see participants sleep in Dartford’s Central Park for one night to raise funds and awareness of the increasing issue of homelessness.

SE 2018 poster | Dartford LivingIt is hoped that this year’s Sleep Easy will raise even more funds as the numbers of rough sleepers of all ages continues to rise and pressures mount on the housing market.

Brian Cooke, Head of Housing for YMCA Thames Gateway said: “We know from experience that without the support we offer many more young people would be sleeping on the streets and have less options and chance of realising their potential.

“We are calling on the local community, old and young, to sign up for the event to help us support young people in our services today and into the future. One night out can make a lifetime difference.”

To register for the Sleep Easy event with YMCA Thames Gateway visit their website at www.ymcatg.org/get-involved/sleepeasy2018/ or email sleepeasy@ymcatg.org.