As the spring break wraps up and short family holidays come to an end, the prom fever steadily creeps in. Love it or hate it, but the prom night has become a highlight in the life of every final-year girl. To help you seamlessly manage events leading up to this night, we want to share with you some important tips that will help you to get ready and set for the biggest night of your school Calendar. These tips will no doubt save you much needed time and allow you to concentrate on the other pressing issues.
You are never late to start shopping for your prom dress. However unless it is carefully planned and executed, the experience can be overwhelming for the Prom beauties, their Mums, BFF’s and the poor blokes dragged along to all shopping trips. This is the reason why we have come to your rescue in your quest for your dream dress. As a prerequisite before you set out on your shopping trip, work out your budget for the full prom ensemble. This ensures you don’t waste time visiting boutiques whose price tags are outside you affordability range, and subsequently helps you to avoid the frustrations that come with it. This also allows you from the onset to determine different options that are available at your budget.

It is important to bear in mind that once you have settled on the dress of your choice, you go through a similar process to get your prom shoes, evening bag and all other accessories that go with the day, be it a tiara, a necklace, earrings or a bracelet. There’s also need to include in your budget a provision for the cost of hair, make-up, and the crown jewel of getting a Limo ride. The Limo cost need not be exorbitant as it can be split with your girlfriends allowing you to experience an all BFF’s Limo-ride to your prom event. Lastly, keep in mind you will need spare cash on you for the D-day to pay for amongst other things, drinks.

As you get along with shopping, it’s worthwhile to keep a journal of all these costs so that you avoid overspending on some items and running out of cash for other small but important bits. All in all avoid the last minute rush (which may cause you a meltdown when you realise that the whole process doesn’t turn out to be as easy as you had initially imagined). After you’ve come up with a list of all the items that you require for your prom night, the next big box to tick is the style of dress that fascinates you the most. The style will cover such details as length of the dress (full, tea or short), neckline detail (boob-tube, halter-necks or strappy, which can be thin or thick). There are also a variety of other details to choose from such as elasticated back, corset back, plain gowns or sparkle details etc.

Most popular prom dresses come in one of four styles. Classic ball-gown (full length), tea length prom dresses, Short prom dresses (above the knee) and asymmetric hem (including highlow and waterfall) prom dresses. The popularity of slender silhouette full length dresses (largely inspired by red carpet glamour) has been on the rise this year, so keep in mind you may see more of these style currently on display. Think also about the fabric of the dress that you want to go for. The fabric of choice this season has been soft chiffon, but there are so many other options available. The fabric used on a dress will have an impact on the cost of that dress and it will also influence other aspects such as the under-lining of the dress. So avoid taking the bait of “price- tag hopping”, where you select dresses purely based on price tags before settling on which fabric works well for your silhouette.

The colour of choice is probably the easiest part when shopping for your dress. Most colour favourites this year remain to be romantic reds, classic blacks and royal blues. However there is a great interest in jewel tones such as sapphire blue and pretty pastel colours such as lime green. Most of these jewel tones and pretty  pastels are the hues of choice for the girls who desire to stand out and are bold enough not to conform to the safe colour zones. For a great selection of prom dresses within budget and all under £99.99, kindly visit us at Ahadi, Unit 16 the Orchards Shopping Centre in Dartford. We take personal pride and keep a record of each gown sold to all of our prom beauties to ensure that you won’t have the awkward same-dress-syndrome on your prom night.

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