On 24th April 2016 Dave Cooke will be taking part in the Virgin London Marathon. He has decided to take up this challenge, to help raise funds for the London Air Ambulance in support of a £2 million donation already promised to the charity by the London Freemasons. This amazing contribution has helped provide a second Air Ambulance helicopter, now flying high over the streets of London and within the M25 responding to emergencies and making a real difference.Local Resident Dave Cooke will be taking part in the Virgin London Marathon for the Air Ambulance

Having run a previous 6 marathons and to make things that bit more challenging, Dave has set his sights on completing the 26.2 miles wearing upper body chainmail, gloves and a hood, weighing in at an incredible 18KG. Should he achieve this in less than 5 hours and 49 minutes he will also become a Guinness World Record Holder beating the current record set, previously set in 2014. Dave lives locally with his family in Dartford and commutes daily to London. During his time living in Dartford he has witness the landing of the Air Ambulance a number of times supporting our local emergency services, which is one of the reasons he has chosen to support this great charity.

If you see him out on the streets clanking his way along Princess Road, or through the town Centre give him a wave as your support and efforts really do make a difference.

If you would like to find out more about Dave’s challenge and support him in his journey you can do so on Facebook and Twitter by searching ChainmailDave16

Alternatively follow the link below to sponsor him via his Just Giving page.