Immunisation nurses are hoping crafty residents can help them to deliver the biggest ever flu immunisation campaign this autumn; with a request for fun scrubs to put children at ease when getting vaccinated.
Laura Jones, Clinical Immunisation Manager at Kent Community Health NHS Foundation Trust, explained: “We have got a huge job on our hands this year with 190,000 children in Kent and Medway aged four to 12-years-old needing a flu vaccination between October and December”.

“Immunisation nurses don’t usually wear scrubs, however, as we have to wear personal protective equipment (PPE) this year, which can look a bit scary, we want to put the children at ease and thought some fun scrubs featuring friendly cartoon characters, like Disney or Marvel, would help them”.

“During lockdown, lots of people started making homemade scrubs for NHS staff to wear – some of them were quite snazzy and we’re hoping crafty sewing stars will come to our aid once again.”

The team needs around 400 sets of scrubs and would appreciate sets in various sizes featuring fun fabrics with Disney, Marvel or other cartoon characters on.

The nasal flu campaign starts in October and runs to December.
If you want to donate homemade scrubs to the Immunisations Service, please send to
Kent Community Health NHS Foundation Trust PPE store, 190 Upper Pemberton, Eureka Business Park, Ashford TN25 4AZ and mark your envelope ‘scrubs for imms’.
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