By local resident Kelly Goldsworthy

Dartford Living has been contacted by many many local people in the last few days asking how they can help with the refugee crisis. We’ve put together a list of ways we are aware of for local people to help.
1) Donate items

Meopham resident Tom Radcliff is organising a trip to Calais on 14th September to give needed goods to those staying in the area known as ‘The Jungle’. Please join their Facebook group ‘Help Calais.’ Here is a comprehensive list of the items needed which range from tents, blankets and sleeping bags to tin openers, matches and torches: Calais Migrant Solidarity Action From UK If you have item to donate please contact Tom on: 07984 042999. They also have a crowd funding page:
2) Donate money

Money can also be donated in various ways, including through the following organisations:
Migrant Offshore Aid Station  charity organising rescue boats

Save the Children

Red Cross

3) Sign the petitions

The petition set up to trigger a debate for the UK to take in more refugees has already reached 400,000 signatures (at time of writing), however if you have yet to sign it you still can do:

The independent newspaper have a separate petition:

4) Write to our MP

Write to Gareth Johnson, MP for Dartford, citing your feelings on the crisis and stating what you would like to be the response from the UK and Dartford. He can be contacted at
5) Spread the word online

Share this article on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc with friends and family. We are a compassionate and caring town so show your support by sharing information about local how people can get involved. #OneDartford
Please get in touch with Dartford Living’s editor ( if you have any suggestions to add to this list.