Dartford’s Community Safety Unit has taken action against several men acting anti-socially in a manner likely to offend public decency on Dartford Heath.

The Community Safety Unit has confirmed that it has contacted a number of addresses linked to vehicles where the driver was witnessed to be involved in anti-social behaviour on Dartford Heath. Each received a formal warning that their behaviour could result in a fixed notice penalty or a civil injunction to protect the local community and prevent such offences recurring.

A spokesperson for Dartford Borough Council said, “We are absolutely determined stop offensive and anti-social behaviour on the Heath and of all the actions available to us we have found few as effective as sending a letter to the registered keeper of vehicles making it clear that their car, van or lorry has been involved in behaviour likely to offend public decency. An individual or company registered to a vehicle is not always aware of its involvement in anti-social behaviour but we find that the offences tend to stop pretty quickly once we have alerted them.”

“Dartford Heath is a place for families and all who want to enjoy the peace and quiet of this wonderful environment. They do not wish to have their innocent walks spoiled. Someone needs to stand up for them and the Council’s Community Safety Unit is determined to do just that.“

If you witness anyone acting anti-socially on Dartford Heath and are prepared to give a statement, please contact the Community Safety Unit on 01322 343434 or call Kent Police on 101.