Residents are being encouraged to take part in any of the seven Council-run Health Walks currently running across the borough, as organisers urge potential volunteer Walk Leaders to come forward.

On Wednesday, 19th May, organisers met with both existing and potential volunteers at Stone Pavilion, as the events return after a year away.

At her first public engagement since being appointed Mayor of Dartford, Cllr Rosanna Currans highlighted the importance the walks have on combatting isolation, while praising the work of existing volunteers.

Cllr Currans said: “All these people do this voluntarily. I think it’s just amazing we have so many people in the borough that give their time so freely.

“I know elderly people who got to the stage where they wouldn’t come out of their house during lockdown as they felt so frightened, whereas now it’s a much, much better time for people to join things like this and hopefully a lot more people will.”

Dartford’s Health Walks have been running for 10 years and each one requires one or two volunteers to run. Training to become a volunteer takes a day.  

The walks take place at the Healthy Living Centre, Darenth Country Park, Greenhithe, Central Park, Tree Community Centre and Swanscombe.

Health Team Lead Kashmir Powar said:  “These walks are a lifeline for people. Now that we’re coming out of lockdown we want to get people outside and reduce things like isolation.

“I’m hoping we can generate enough interest to get more health walks up and running.”

For a list of times and events, click here