Would-be entrepreneurs who don’t want to have to worry about a bank loan, debt or spend weeks on a business plan are being invited to learn how to follow their dream and start up their own businesses, completely free of charge.

Rebel Business School is offering a free, two-week business start-up course aimed at helping Kent residents make money doing what they love.

The online course, from 15-26 May, is being funded by Kent County Council and supported by Dartford Borough Council. It’s aimed at helping people set up in business without borrowing from the bank or getting tied up in red tape.

“Traditionally when starting a business, you’re told to focus on the admin, research and funding side of things which, whilst important, doesn’t get many people pumped to get going. Of course we cover the legal aspects, but it’s much more important to get people excited about how to turn their dreams into reality; the technical details can be explained later,” explained the Rebel Business School’s Chief Operations Officer Henry Nicholson.

Mr Nicholson and his team have an impressive track record across Kent, helping more than 300 businesses start or grow their new business ventures since July 2021.
They include Michelle-Lee MacDonald, trading as Saffa Stitches and Crafts, who turned her hobby into a business thanks to the Rebel Business School course in February 2023. She said: “Before joining the Rebel course, I remember some time back sitting at a craft fair all day without making a single sale. At another event a couple of weeks ago, after the Rebel course, I started chatting to a woman who told me she had been given a sewing machine for Christmas. I started talking to her about fabrics and made a sale.

“Rebel didn’t teach me to sew, but it did teach me about communication skills, marketing, networking, social media and all the free resources that can help new businesses get off to a good start without spending lots of money.”
“The presenters are really inspiring and make you believe in yourself. They help you understand how to talk to customers, find new ones and generate sales, as well as highlighting free or low-cost ways of getting a new business off the ground. I am already thinking about signing up for another course to brush up on my skills.”
The next online course runs from 15 to 26 May. Although it is aimed at would-be entrepreneurs in the Dartford, Medway and Gravesham area, anyone from across Kent can join. It is funded by Kent County Council and supported by Dartford, Medway and Gravesham Councils.

Sign up for free at https://therebelschool.com/kent/