Above photo credit: Vipin Shobhna Gupta

Families and friends celebrated International Yoga Day and Family Sports Day with plenty of new ideas for people to try. The event in Dartford’s Central Park, on Saturday 29th June, saw participants guided through basic yoga practices of conscious breathing, laughter and sun salutations by a trained professional. 

29jul19 yoga2 | Dartford Living
Photo: Hima Bindu Challa

Organised to promote awareness on the importance of individuals and families making healthier choices and following lifestyle patterns that foster good health, on health consciousness and well-being in the light of the United Nations Yoga Day – which was officially on 21st June. Over 100 people, including many children, attended and enjoyed post-yoga sports activities including dodge ball, Kho kho, a children’s race, sack jump racing, and youngsters’ cricket. 

29jul19 yoga1 | Dartford Living
Dartford Town Councillors – Chris & Richard along with the Event Executives – Santosh Patil & Krishna Pavan Challa. Photo: Anitha Karunakar Chilukuri

Healthy refreshments including fruits, vegetables and juices were consumed by the participants and shared the benefits of a healthy diet.  The event was also attended by Dartford Town Councillors Chris Shippam and Richard Wells, who welcomed the initiative of building a strong social culture, interacted with attendees and emphasised the importance of a diverse social, community spirit.