Osmond the cat who has travelled over 2000 miles from Egypt, voyaged across Europe and landed in Kent, is now looking for a new home after finding himself at Battersea Dogs & Cats Home’s Brands Hatch centre.

The ginger and white Domestic Short-hair’s journey started back in 2015, when he was found as a three-week-old kitten, abandoned in a cardboard box on the streets of Cairo. His rescuers took him in and brought him back home with them to the UK, stopping for a quick trip in France along the way to ensure Osmond got a proper continental education.

Unfortunately, three years later, his owners’ circumstances changed, and they could no longer look after him, so they brought Osmond to Battersea Brands Hatch. Osmond is struggling to find the right home and has been at the animal rescue centre for over 60 days now – while the average stay for a cat is 25 days.

At three years old, Osmond is very clever and highly interactive, so his new owners should be willing to play with him on a regular basis. Cheeky Osmond has a lovable stubborn streak, but once he gets to know his people, he is very friendly and enjoys affection on his terms.

Michelle Bevan, Rehoming and Welfare Manager at Battersea Brands Hatch, said: “Osmond loves the great outdoors, so his new home should ideally have lots of outside space in a rural location. He’s quite protective of his space and needs to be somewhere with no other cats around. Once he gets to know you, he is a lovely little cat who knows what he wants! He’s been here for far too long and we’re hoping he’ll find a permanent home soon.”

Osmond is currently residing in one of the three new garden cat pens at Battersea Brands Hatch. Each garden pen has many interesting and safe materials for a curious cat like Osmond to explore while waiting for a loving new home.

Each pen has steps to climb up high and look out over the fields, a solar-powered water fountain, non-toxic plants, a natural outdoor litter area, as well as a seat for a human companion. To ensure the outdoor cats don’t get cold in the winter months, their pen also includes a heated shed with fitted cat-flaps where cats can take refuge inside with lots of blankets, a bed and litter tray.

For anyone interested in finding out more about Osmond, please visit www.battersea.org.uk/cats