A Dartford club has celebrated more than 50 years of bringing people together from across the community.

On Wednesday, October 27, Dartford Council officers visited Tree Estate Over 55s Club for its 51st anniversary party.

The club was founded in October 1970, but its 50th birthday celebrations had to be put on hold last year due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The club welcomes men and women from all over the borough every Wednesday at Tree Estate Community Centre – the same building where the club started over half a century ago.

Last Wednesday members marked the anniversary with an assortment of sandwiches, crisps and cakes, having opened the event with a minute’s silence for Cllr Ann Allen MBE, who had supported the club before her death last month.

Treasurer John Letchford, 89, said: “We mainly do bingo, but we have five outings a year to the seaside as well, we’re all happy here.

“Our members come from all areas, we have a lady from Bean, another from Wilmington and another from Hextable, so it’s not just people from Dartford.

“If you were 54 we’d still take you, because of Covid-19 there are still some residents who are frightened about coming back, but we’re all friendly here.

“If anyone wants to join, they’re welcome, we’re looking for new members, just come and visit us at 2pm on a Wednesday.”

Following the celebrations, Council Leader Jeremy Kite said: “It’s amazing to see this club still thriving all these years after it started.

“Clubs like these are a lifeline for local people, particularly older residents who may suffer from loneliness or isolation.

“As a Council we want to continue supporting community groups like Tree Estate Over 55s club, so that they can celebrate another anniversary in 50 years’ time.”