Former Dartford Grammar School student, Mason Mote, missed his ‘before you go to university’ haircut and having returned home in May found that the lock down meant a quick trim was out of the question.

As a result, by July, his bouffant bonce had got a little out of control. So when the hair cutting ban was lifted he decided to take the opportunity to both cut his curls and help raise funds for a local charity.
With the help of family friend and hairdresser, Sam Geear, and a social media sponsorship campaign Mason had his mass of curls removed and raised over £1000 for local children’s charity ‘We are Beams’.

Currently breaking in his new look, which now also includes wearing hats, Mason explained:  “I decided the time had come to have my hair cut and I really wanted to take the opportunity to help raise funds for a local charity. My family has links with We are Beams so the the choice was easy. I had hoped to raise £150, so breaking the £1000 barrier was amazing!” 

We are Beams is a local charity that supports disabled children, young people and their families.

The disabled children and young people who access their services will typically have one or more learning difficulty, complex health needs, physical or sensory impairment, challenging behaviour, Autism or severe ADHD.

For more information tel: 01322 668501 or email: